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Sky Jazz
The Richard Shulman Trio
RichHeart Music,

Pianist Richard Shulman is best known for his New Age and classical-influenced piano works, so I was as surprised as anyone when his new jazz trio project release, Sky Jazz, landed in my hands. Unlike some others from the New Age music genre who have tried their hands at jazz, it's obvious that Shulman has the chops to back up his aspirations, with room to spare. Working with bassist Mike Holstein and drummer Sonny Thornton, Shulman offers no allusion to fusion or pop leanings, instead making it perfectly clear from the opening "Pictures in the Clouds" that this is a jazz recording in the classic sense. Standouts include the bluesy "Getting Over Lost Love," the gently swaying "Goodbye to Fantasy," and the nearly 10-minute tour de force "Still Young at 95." These cats can play, no doubt about it!
"...what continually intrigues me with your contribution, is the inter-blending of the music of inner peace with the standard jazz repertoire.... That instrumental arrangement and the musicians involved are as pure, crystal clear an example of melodically-driven, creatively-innovative jazz expression as you'll find anywhere in the greater area. Everyone is an original painter in their own right. And when you put them together working on the same space the frescoes that spill forth are really quite astounding!"
Rick Dowdeswell, drummer and jazz afficianado

"Really, really impressive, Richard. Awesome playing, all the way. All 3 of you really have a tremendous sense of dynamic and space that's a real treat for the listener.... Please definitely do more what I'd call Chamber Jazz 'cause I enjoy the Classical sensibilities you have, while still keeping that good pace and pulse.... Great work on all."  Kima Moore - Composer

 RichHeart Music,,  888-699-3682, 828-658-9604